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Dutch & Dewey Distillery Farm Horse Vodka

Price: $20.97
Farm Horse Vodkais a smooth, sipping vodka made with ultra-pure local captured rain water.  Its smoothness is attained by the purifying capabilities of the still (no carbon filtration needed) and it is quadruple-distilled to 191.2 proof to ensure the highest purity and best flavor and then diluted to 80-proof. Dutch & Dewey Distillery’s vodka embodies the return of real vodka to a marketplace saturated with both vodka made from neutral grain spirits (mass-produced ethanol devoid of flavor and character) and a myriad of flavored vodkas. More than one customer has commented that “this is a vodka for whiskey drinkers” (smooth and without a harsh taste or feel).

Award winner in the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.