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Germain-Robin Coast Road Brandy 750ml

Price: $71.77
“Dark & brooding” (distiller/cellarmaster Joe Corley). Deeply fruity, nicely oaked. Lots of pinot noir in the blend (mostly about 9 years old), so a wonderful long complex finish. Includes brandies more than 20 years old.
Germain-Robin brandies have no alcoholic roughness. Due to their origin in premium table-wine grape varietals, Germain-Robin brandies are unusually aromatic and flavorful, with no hint of harsh alcohol. It is interesting to compare any of them to a glass of cognac. Note the absence of the usual slight burning sensation in the nostrils (“attack”). Almost all brown spirits add about 2% (or more) of sugar and caramel: these coat the sugar receptors on the front of your tongue, giving a false impression of smoothness which disappears when you swallow: the back part of your mouth and the top of your throat have no sugar receptors, so harshness, or “bite”, is immediately apparent. Germain-Robin has no “bite” naturally: from the high quality of the grapes we use.