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The Pogues Irish Whiskey

Price: $40.97

The Spirit of the Band, Bottled
The Original Irish Whiskey of the Legendary Band.
Sunlight and barley held together with water and left in an oak barrel for three years and a day.

The Whiskey

As you would expect, The Pogues Irish Whiskey has as much character as the band itself. Made from a fine blend of grain and single malt Irish whiskey; this mighty drink has an aroma of malts and cracked nuts, with a sweet taste and a smooth intense flavour.

The Distillers

Our whiskey is made by West Cork Distillers, one of Ireland’s last independent distilleries. From humble beginnings and the coming together of a Master Blender and his two fisherman friends it now has become a global success, built on friendship and a passion for innovation and quality. The Distillery is based in Skibbereen in the heart of West Cork, the cultural home of Irish Whiske